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Rooting for vegan vegetables

Hi, my name is Joost van Strien.
At our organic farm Zonnegoed, in the Dutch Flevopolder region, we take care of our crops with love. You may have seen us on the news lately. The thing is, we’re the first Dutch farm bearing the international certificate for vegan farming. We grow our crops without any animal manure. We grow vegan vegetables. No shit!

Although new here in the Netherlands, vegan vegetables are already a thing in Germany, Switzerland and the US. In fact, it’s a bit of a cult thing there. Which is splendid of course. But if you ask us, it would be even better if vegan cultivation was super common. A new standard in sustainable farming. Here is why that would be good news.

No Shit Food

By making good use of crop rotation and green manure – all plants, no dung - , it turns out we can achieve harvests just as abundant as with regular organic farming. But No Shit farming comes with many extra benefits.

If the vegan way gains momentum, our food system can break away from the fragile reliance on both artificial fertilizers and livestock farming. Which means saying goodbye to over-fertilization, the emission of greenhouse gases and the pressure on land and water use. We can let go of many unsavory things that pose a serious threat to our food supply in the long term. Shit we can do without!

Concept campaign

The potential of vegan cultivation is enormous.
Without the burden of livestock farming, a piece of land the size of Brazil and North America combined would be freed up. We could feed the growing world population for generations to come and give back large areas to nature. Imagine!
If we truly want to go all-in on sustainability, No Shit farming is the future.

Together we can make No Shit come true
Currently, Zonnegoed is the only farm in the Netherlands rocking the BioCyclicVegan certificate: the international hallmark for organic vegan cultivation. And we think it's way too lonely at the top.

The thing is, it’s so new that not that many people know about the potential of No Shit farming. Farmers included. If vegan cultivation is to be a new standard, we have to get the word out. So that everyone gets to know vegan vegetables are the shit, and not some weird hype thing. Our fellow organic farmers included. And organic shops and supermarkets as well, so vegan farmers have the opportunity to properly market their No Shit produce.

This is quite a daunting move for everyone involved, as you can imagine. That's why we're going to help them. Together with you, we can prove The Netherlands are ready for No Shit.

Join the movement!

Share our dream to make No Shit Food a new sustainable standard
Right now, the most important step is to show as many people as possible the potential of vegan vegetables. Ideally, we get a new movement going.

This is how you can help:
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Just like with the rise of organic farming 25 years ago, we are once again on the brink of a big step forward. Are you with us?

Let the adventure begin.

No Shit Food farmer